Meet the NC School Heroes
The North Carolina Education Lottery's NC School Heroes program provides North Carolina residents with the opportunity to celebrate the educators and school employees who impact the lives of our students every day. Through a voting and judging process, the contest will reward 10 deserving NC School Heroes, their affiliated K–12 public schools, and their nominators with cash prizes.
Who are the 2020 NC School Heroes?
Meet the 2020 School Heroes here.
Who can submit a nomination?
North Carolina residents 18 years of age or older.
Who is eligible to win?
The contest is open to North Carolina K–12 public school employees. Nominees must be North Carolina residents 18 years of age or older.
What are the prizes?
Each NC School Hero winner will win $10,000.
Each NC School Hero winner's affiliated school will win $10,000.
Each winning hero’s nominator will win $1,000.
How many people can win?
10 NC School Heroes, and their affiliated K–12 NC public schools, and their nominators will win.
How long are nominations and voting open?
Nominations and voting will open on February 3, 2020, and run through March 15, 2020.
How many times can I vote?
You are allowed to vote once daily. You can share with friends and family so they can vote for your NC School Hero, too.
Can I nominate more than one public school employee?
You may nominate multiple public school employees, but you may only win once. NC School Heroes may only win once as well.
Do I have to nominate an individual or can I nominate the entire school?
You will need to select an individual NC School Hero.
What happens if different nominators
enter the same NC School Hero?
The same public school employee may be nominated by different individuals, but the NC School Hero can only win once. Votes from different nominators for the same public school employee will not be combined.
If the nominator is a NC resident and the public school employee is employed by a NC public school,
does the employee also have to be a NC resident?
No, they do not.
Do I have to provide a photo of my NC School Hero?
Nominations can be accompanied by a photo or a text-only story.
I just submitted a nomination.
Why hasn't it appeared on the website yet?
All nominations are moderated to ensure they comply with full promotional rules. You will receive an email thanking you for your submission. Your nomination will typically be available for viewing after a 48-hour review process. You will receive an additional email when the nomination has been posted so that you can share with friends and ask them to vote.
How can I share my NC School Hero
nomination with my friends?
Facebook and Twitter links are provided on the site to make sharing simple.
Should I inform my NC School Hero
that I'm nominating him or her?
Absolutely! No doubt, they will be honored and will appreciate your kind words. Even so, public recognition may not be the right choice for everyone. If your NC School Hero requests a nomination be removed, we will honor their request.
I received an email stating that my nomination
was not accepted. Why did that happen?
It could be that your nomination did not meet the promotional rules. The full promotional rules are provided on the site. You can also contact the promotion moderator via the email you received for further clarification. The most frequent reasons nominations are not accepted include:

  • - Identical nominations entered numerous times. One nomination is posted, but the remainder are not.
  • - NC School Hero nominated is not an employee of a public school serving K–12 students.
  • - Nomination was received for a student rather than an employee of a public school.
Where can I find past winners?
Meet the 2019 NC School Heroes here.
If I get the most votes do I win?
Not necessarily. The top 200 vote getters will be reviewed and the top 10 will be selected by a panel of independent judges. The content of your submission in relation to the criteria is what is considered in this phase.